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Wednesdays Are Curbside Pickup Day

Curbside Pick-Up:  Wednesday 10am-5pm

To place an order for curbside pick-up:

1.  Email your order to:  no later than Tuesday evening.

> Include your full name and phone # in your email.

> Outline specific details for your order (ie: the number of and type of apples, specific brand of pickles, etc).

> In order to maximize our efficiency and ability to fulfill your order, please be as specific as possible!

> Due to supply chain issues, items may not be available at certain times.

> Please specify IN YOUR ORDER whether you will accept substitutions of "nearly identical" items.

> We are unable to make adjustments to your order following submission.

> If you're uncomfortable coming to the tent at the storefront to pick-up your bags, please let us know in your order.

2.  Orders must meet at least one of the following conditions:

> $35 minimum for total order OR

> 10 item minimum/order

3.  All prepared/deli orders have a one pound minimum per item.

 > We are not offering smoothies or custom juices for curbside pickup.


4.  All orders will be confirmed via phone within 24 hours.

> Please do not phone the store! We'd love to chat but cannot accept phone orders or calls at this time.

> We will do our best to respond to product questions via email however this may take a day or two.

> View Our Aisles for more info.

5.  We will contact you via phone for your credit card details. 

> We only have two phone lines.  Staff may call from their cell phone; be certain your phone is accepting messages.

> Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is picked.

> We will call you and provide you with an order# when your order is completed and ready for pickup.

> Please pick-up your order ASAP after we call you as our cold storage space is limited. 

> You must provide us with your order# when you pick up your order!

6.  Curbside Pick-up of Your Order:

> When you arrive at the store, come to the tent area in front of the door. 

> Provide us with your order# and we'll get your order for you. 

> If you are uncomfortable coming to the tent, call when you arrive and we'll place the order in the trunk of your car.

> Orders must be picked up by 5:00pm.

7.  Walk-Up orders cannot be accepted. Please email your order to us!


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