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The Natural Grocer features a full selection of packaged certified organic and natural foods that are strictly non-GMO, non-irradiated and have no preservatives or artificial stabilizers. We feature an array of Asian foods, olive oils and vinegar from around the world, regional and imported cheeses, vegetarian and vegan protein alternatives and healthful versions of kitchen staples such as cereal, bread, soups, baking ingredients, snacks, and condiments. Our tea selection is vast and contains bagged and loose, standard and medicinal teas. Throughout the grocery section you'll find foods which meet nutritional needs for wheat-free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian and vegan diets.

Certified Organic Produce

Over the years we have developed relationships with local farms and produce markets in order to bring you the highest quality, certified organic produce available. We also collaborate with local CSA's to purchase their excess product for use in our kitchen.  Our produce is constantly rotated in order to guarantee you reliably fresh product. On average, you'll find approximately 90-100 varieties of  fruits and vegetables in our produce department daily.

Bulk Food and Spices

We stock over 160 items of bulk grains, flours, rices, nuts and seeds, trail mixes, granolas, dried fruits and more - certified organic whenever possible. Bulk buying reduces wasteful packaging, saves you money, and allows you buy exactly what you need.  We supply small and large bulk bags.

Vitamins, Supplements, and Botanicals

Shop our vitamin, supplement, and botanical aisles for 75-100% certified organic and whole food-sourced vitamins and supplements; products for cleansing, detoxification and digestive support; natural immune support; cold and flu remedies; children's nutritionals; essential oils and flower essences. We carry flower essences created by noted local practitioner, David Dalton.

Body Care

Choose from a balanced selection of certified organic, chemical-free face and body creams, soaps, massage oils and daily staples. We also feature a beautiful line of facial and body care products produced by local herbalist and wheat weaver, Roberta Horseman.

Healthy Home

Keep your home free of chemicals with a little help from Global Balance, Lifetree, Seventh Generation, Ecover and other producers of septic-safe, sulfate and solvent-free cleansers. Most items are hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free.

Pet Care

Minimally-processed, human-grade, cooked and raw foods provide your dog or cat with quality grains, fats and digestible proteins. None of our pet foods contain artificial colors or preservatives.  Our pet supplements provide nutritional support for joints, skin and coat, digestion and the immune system.  Pet foods for other animals (horses, birds, ferrets, etc.) can be special ordered.

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